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"Ergonomics came into being at the moment that it was observed that work and technology will not automatically fit men. Then it was realised that work and tools must be improved on systematically and with ability, in order to diminuish fatigue and accidents and to improve performance (...)

An important factor in the development of ergonomics as a science was the increasing industrialisation. On one hand mass production caused large amounts of each product to come onto the market, and each product should be used to satisfaction by a wide variety of users. Therefore, a need for product ergonomics arose.

On the other hand more attention needed to be paid to the safety and health of the workers on conveyor belts and the likes, while at the same time the employers minded efficiency more and more.Therefore, a need for occupational ergonomics arose".

From: Produktergonomie, ontwerpen voor gebruikers. Dirken, 1997. Utrecht: Lemma
(Translation Daams Ergonomie)

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